Thain Boatworks was founded in 2005 by Rob Smith.

Smith and Albert Van Rooyen launched Annie, a 50' Reuel Parker Pilothouse design, on July 4th, 2007. 

In 2009, Thain Boatworks began building the first of a fleet of catamaran ferries, capable of being disassembled and containerized for shipment to any location around the world. Thain Boatworks' "Ferry in a Box" concept can put a fast ferry on any inland or landlocked body of water previously thought inaccessible. The Amani is the first ferry to be assembled in Entebbe, Uganda, and is currently operated by EarthWise Ferries on Lake Victoria, with service to the Seese Islands, and charter cruises in the Kampala/Entebbe region. Ferry #2, the M/V Bluebird has been shipped to Uganda, and is currently being reassembled by Thain Boatworks Uganda for EarthWise Ferries' use on Lake Victoria, with routes from Pt. Bell in Kampala, Uganda, to Mwanza, Tanzania. As Earthwise grows, they will continue to partner with Thain Boatworks to build their fleet.

Thain Boatworks current project is developing an efficient high-speed passenger ferry. Lightspeed is designed to travel at ~42 knots while using <100 gallons of fuel per hour.