Here are just a few of the services we offer. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding specific services.



Thain Boatworks is currently restoring "Outpost" to pristine condition in preparation for selling it to 10 fractional owners.


Commercial craft

Thain Boatworks has built two catamaran ferries for Earthwise Ferries to operate on Lake Victoria in Uganda, and is currently preparing to build an ultra-high-speed ferry.


Rob Smith and Albert VanRooyen building Annie.


The revolutionary design of the new Lightspeed-class ferry will enable speeds of ~42 knots at less than 100 gallons of fuel per hour.


Custom Projects

These custom pontoons for a floating house are just one of many custom jobs we can design and fabricate for you.



Pleasure Craft

The Annie was the first Thain 50' built by Thain Boatworks, 

Thain Boatworks offers a variety of services at our Arlington, WA facility with ample indoor heated floor space. Our services include:

  • 5 Ton overhead chain hoists

  • Complete marine restoration and maintenance services

  • Wooden boat maintenance

  • Topside refinishing

  • Fiberglass repairs & custom fabrications

  • Custom composite parts fabrications

  • Seasonal maintenance including bottom paint at a fair price

  • Running gear check and repair

  • Hull and keel fairing & modification