Photo Gallery

Our project history in photographic form


Annie is a 50' Reuel Parker cabin cruiser. Over 4,000 man-hours of labor went into her starting in 2005. She was launched July 4, 2007. Annie is currently moored in Everett.

M/V Amani

The first containerized catamaran ferry, the M/V Amani was built in Arlington, Wash., in 2011. After it was completely built, it was disassembled, placed into containers, and shipped to Kampala, Uganda, Africa. It was reassembled upon arrival (like this), and is now operated by Earthwise Ferries as a passenger ferry on Lake Victoria. 

M/V Bluebird

This was Thain Boatworks second containerized catamaran ferry, also built in Arlington, Wash., USA, in 2013, and shipped to Uganda. Final reassembly and finishing is going on currently, and M/V Bluebird will begin serving Mwanza, Tanzania and Kisumu, Kenya from its home base of Kampala, Uganda as part of Earthwise Ferries fleet.