Custom Projects


House Boat Pontoons for Eco-Sea Cottages of Seattle

The TBW design team headed by Albert Van Rooyen worked hand in hand with Kurt Hughes (naval architect) and our client (Rod Gibbons of Eco-Sea Cottages) to use modern construction materials and techniques bringing these pontoons in for a reduced price thus saving our client 25% over original estimates. These two pontoons shipped March 14, 2013 from the TBW Arlington factory to Boston to support a beautiful new two-story home.

A total of 11 panels, 8 custom stringers, and 22 bulkheads make up the two hulls.

Hull #1 showing main bulkheads.

Hull #1 being primed for painting.

A bottom panel (5’x38’) being vacuum pressed.

Both finished hulls, painted and ready for shippping.